Mr & Mrs Surname

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A wonderful keepsake of your special day, this beautiful handmade personalised sign makes a marvellous feature on your top table, your cake table or anywhere you want proudly announce yourselves.

Available in a variety of finishes – clean and fresh white, regal cream, deep red and black w - all with a hint of glitter - and sparkling silver - these signs are freestanding and come in 2 sections – Mr&Mrs as one section, and your name as a separate section (however please not that names over 9 letters may need to be in 2 separate sections to ensure they don't break in transit, though this does not detract from the look of the sign when it is standing).

Note that names with a hanging letter in the name, other than as the first letter (i.e. g, j, p, q, y) can only be done in upper case.

Approximate Dimensions (in mm):
Length Height Depth
Mr & Mrs (lower case) 650 140 20
Name (lower case)
5 Letters 450 140 20
7 Letters 550 140 20
10 Letters 700 140 20
Mr & Mrs (UPPER CASE) 800 140 20
5 Letters
570 140 20
7 Letters 810 140 20
10 Letters 1100 140 20

Note – name length is approximate as it depends on the letters in the name.